Biogas Production from Industrial Waterwastes

As a result of anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater, 85 to 95% of wastewater organic compounds undergo decomposition into methane and carbon dioxide, a mixture referred to as biogas. As a matter of fact, it describes the sheer fact that an excess biomass growth in the process of anaerobic treatment is slight, which, on the one hand, sets it apart from aerobic treatment, and, on the other hand, makes anaerobic treatment facilities profitable and self-sustaining, on account that the investor’s company is provided with heat (water gas), hot water and electricity.

As a part of anaerobic wastewater treatment facilities, the UASB and highly loaded EGSB reactors are used to produce the biogas from industrial wastewaters. Each type undergoes a preliminary selection of the treatment technology, involving the analysis of industrial wastewater parameters, assessment of anaerobic reactors economic feasibility, and eventually the selection of the most efficient equipment for each particular company.