Biotechprom Company has brought together a team of experienced engineers and technologists whose expertise ensures an instant selection of the required technology for your manufacturing or production method and development of further conceptual and engineering design.

In case you need to solve any problem regarding industrial wastewater or sewage treatment, we would be pleased to share our technological knowledge and experience with you. Our skilled experts will assist you with a free of charge comprehensive technical advice. We will help you to choose technology, which is the most preferable for actual demand.

Moreover, we are ready to launch your investment project in full on a turnkey basis, providing you with services as follows:

  1. Creation of both an engineering design and a construction project.
  2. Supplying and carrying out the delivery of equipment.
  3. Carrying out the full scope of construction works as a general contractor.
  4. Assembly and installation of an equipment and engineering lines.
  5. Commissioning and reagent selection.
  6. Maintenance service and remote monitoring.

We will use the best of our knowledge and do everything possible and more to achieve the most efficient, reliable and profitable result that will satisfy your expectations, fulfilling quality indicators and environmental requirements.