Biotechprom Company was established and founded in 2016. Our company provides a wide range of services in the market of Ukraine and Moldova for construction of wastewater treatment facilities for municipal and industrial purpose, biogas plants for agricultural and industrial enterprises, a full complex of engineering and consulting services with regard to designing, supplying, assembling and installing plant and equipment, doing pre-commissioning and commissioning activities, running Customer’s staff exercise programs, being an accredited Assembly and Installation Company and representing WAWATECH Grupa Stalbudom, Warsaw, our business partner, plant and equipment manufacturer in Poland.

The history of our business start up and cooperation with business partners in Poland is connected with Tectum-Bud Company, which started up in the market of construction and building in 2008 providing services of commercial and industrial building construction, controlled environment rooms construction (refrigerators, freezers, gas and shock freezing chambers) as well as a full range of engineering and general contracting services all over Ukraine

In March 2014 the management of Tectum-Bud decided to undertake a new type of business activity and engaged into implementation of energy-saving technologies for industrial wastewater recycling in  cooperation with WaWaTech (Poland), which commenced its business dealing with a group of European companies namely Enviro-Chemie. The listed enterprises design and construct industrial wastewater treatment facilities, biogas plants, engineering and technological units of communal infrastructure in European Union and post-Soviet states. Over the last few years WaWa Tech employees being commissioned by German companies have successfully performed numerous installations in Poland for well-known enterprises such as TB Fruit, Doehler Group, Pfeiffer &amp Langen biogas complexes for Polish customers.

In order to launch projects on construction of wastewater treatment facilities in the territory of Ukraine, Tectum-Bud founders made a decision to establish Biotechprom, Ltd which has entered into contract with ENZYM Company, PJSC, Dinter Ukraine Skala, SC, First Private Brewery Lviv, LLC and Volodymyr-Volynskyi Poultry Farm, PJSC since the year 2016.

Furthermore, we represent in Ukraine and Moldova such technology-based companies as STALBUDOM, Poland and DEWA Finlandia, which produce a range of wastewater treatment plant equipment, namely the presses, filtering mesh sieves, thickeners, chain sludge scrapers.

So far, the Company has carried out assembly and installation works on launching wastewater treatment facilities in the Lustdorf, LLC dairy plant, the town of Illintsi, Vinnytsia region as well as renewed technical equipment for wastewater treatment plant of ENZYM Company, PJSC in order to enhance the process of wastewater treatment and installed anaerobic treatment processing line for the city of Lviv.

The Company’s outside consultant is Dr. Richard Moosbrugger (Austria), who developed the technology, as well as created and took out a patent for acidic whey treatment reactor for such firms as Landfrisch Molkerei Wels (Austria) and Gefu Oberle (Switzerland). Robert Zarzycki, the co-founder of WaWaTech, carried out the commissioning stage and enhanced efficiency of the following milk processing factories: Norrmeierier Umea – Sweden, Danone Lubuczany – Russia, Danone Bieru? – Poland, OSM Sierpc – Poland, Naabtaler Schwarzenfeld – Germany, Ehrmann – Russia, Polmlek Lidzbark Warmi?ski – Poland.

Whey reactors – the technology of Richard Moosbrugger – our business partner.